Since his debut just under a year ago, up-and-comer Chase Wright has logged over 35 million streams with a freewheeling approach to genre and songs like “Why Should We,” “Wish You’d Miss Me,” “Drive” and more. With Billboard noting he “continues to impress with his original material,” Wright is back with honest new track, “Lying With You,” available everywhere today.

Listen HERE.

Opening with the claim that “movin’ on ain’t that hard” and ending with the confession “if I tell you I’m through, I’d be lying with you,” the new track came from a sincere place in Wright’s journey as a songwriter. “Honesty in lyrics is what allows a song to connect with the listener, I really wanted to lean into those hard truths with this song,” 24-year-old Wright adds. “I hope people can hear their own story and experiences in mine and feel less alone.”

The song penned with Will Bundy and Zack Dyer, relies on pop-rock chords alongside more traditional sounds made from steel strings and wood. Inspired by those who dominated his teenage playlists – Keith Urban, Matchbox Twenty, 3 Doors Down and the Goo Goo Dolls – Wright’s music is pop, rock and country, all tied together with firm footing in relatable storytelling and a soft spot for big choruses.

Wright will continue to release new tracks throughout 2021. For more information and latest news, follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter HERE.