Rising country star Chase Wright continues to reach career milestones as he marks just over one year since his first release, accumulating 45 million streams to date and counting. Following the release of fan favorite “Lying With You,” Wright embraces emotion on moody and reflective heartbreak track “Why Can’t It Be Over,” available today.

Listen HERE.

“Honesty is a thread that runs through the songs I’ve been releasing,” shares Wright. “While it can be challenging to be vulnerable, it’s how we relate to one another. Fans have seen the light-hearted side of my songwriting but I’m excited to share the serious side too.”

The artist Billboard notes “continues to impress with original material” wrote the new song alongside Jerry Flowers and Jared Keim. Troubled by the unbalanced nature of moving on, Wright croons over pop-rock chords and traditional sounds made from steel strings and wood:

Why can’t it be
Over for me if it’s over for you
How did you get there and I not be there too
Was I blind to the signs
Am I losin’ my mind
Cause I’m dyin’ here and you’re just fine
I wish you weren’t so honest with it honestly
Don’t tell me that you love me still and leave
Why can’t it be
Over for me
If it’s over for you
Cause you’re over me
And I’m not over you

Inspired by those who dominated his teenage playlists – Keith Urban, Matchbox Twenty, 3 Doors Down and the Goo Goo Dolls – Wright’s music is pop, rock and country, all tied together with firm footing in relatable storytelling and a soft spot for big choruses. The Indiana-native will continue to release new music throughout 2021. For more information and latest news, follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter HERE.